Three weeks ago we raised the challenge of instructing virtual reality, a group of people whose age range is over 60 years. We plan the activity as a course of initiation in the matter, by which we try to explain what this technology is, how it is consumed, how it is currently being used, and even how to create content in that format.

The experience has been very gratifying. Perhaps one of the most enriching aspects was to have witnessed the enthusiasm of these people, in the face of not being displaced in the vertiginous process of technological evolution that crosses our planet.

As an anecdote, last weekend we saw how one of our students bought in a hypermarket, special viewers to enjoy what we tried to teach in the sessions in question.

We are very grateful to the group, for their welcome and for giving us the vote of confidence to guide them in this matter, in order to gradually overcome the digital divide, common in this type of audience today.